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Featured Members of NYSMATYC

In this series, we'll be highlighting members of NYSMATYC that have had a significant and positive impact on our organization.

Joshua Hammond

Joshua is the current past-president of NYSMATYC. We asked him a few questions, below.

When did you join NYSMATYC and what brought you to us?

The Danforth family paid my first membership in 2006. They were very instrumental in the beginning stages of my involvement with the organization. I got more immersed in NYSMATYC as a Project ERNIE Fellow in 2011.

What is your current position on the board, and how long/in what roles have you served the organization?

Currently, I serve as NYSMATYC Past President. This is my seventh consecutive year on the Executive Board. I served as legislative chair for 4 years and lead the most recent legislative changes to our constitution and bylaws.

What do you consider as the most valuable, NYSMATYC experience for you?

The most valuable experience for me is the fellowship amongst colleagues.

Other than teaching, what initiatives/groups are you involved with in your campus or other organizations?

I am a CSTEP mentor and a campus club advisor at Jefferson Community College. I am also an AMATYC member and Project ACCCESS, Cohort 9, Fellow.

Tell us something about you that most NYSMATYC members may not know.

I sang opera in college!