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Job Posting

Campus Organizer
New York Civil Liberties Union Foundation
New York, NY
Full Time
NYCLU 2019-2020 Campus Organizing Program
NYCLU's Campus Organizing Program is an exciting college program that engages New York youth as student organizers on civil rights and civil liberties. Campus organizers work on a range of social justice issues including, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, immigrants' rights, freedom of speech and religion - and more! Being a NYCLU campus organizer is a great opportunity for young people interested in law, social justice issues and community organizing.
To Apply:
• Be currently enrolled in a college, university or trade school
• Be available to meet at least once a month with a NYCLU staff member and other campus organizers
• Be interested in protecting the rights of youth and social justice
• Be committed to working with other students to promote justice
• Be willing and able to discuss controversial issues respectfully
• Be committed to meeting and presenting workshops at your local school
• Be interested in current events and how they impact New Yorkers
Note: Students of all backgrounds are eligible for the program, regardless of immigration status.
What Will I Get Out of Participating?:
• Opportunities to plan and participate in workshops and other educational or advocacy projects
• Leadership, public speaking and community organizing skills
• Knowledge about the law and how it affects New Yorkers
• Meeting organizers and activists from all over NY
• Valuable experience organizing for social change
• Become a member of the NYCLU family, meeting and working with professionals on social justice issues
Complete the form by accessing the following link by Friday, September 27th, 2019: https://action.aclu.org/webform/nyclucampus

If you have any questions, please contact Jake Martinez at 212-607-3387 or jmartinez@nyclu.org.

Apply Here: http://www.Click2Apply.net/7tjxdbrkyn33hbw2

Contact Info:
Apply Online: http://www.Click2Apply.net/7tjxdbrkyn33hbw2
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Human Resources