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NYSMATYC Scholarship Awards

NYSMATYC Scholarship Awards

About the Scholarships

Michelle Downey from Genesee C.C. receives a scholarship at the 2007 Annual Conference.

Each year, NYSMATYC awards are granted to mathematics students in New York State who expect to transfer from a two-year college in January or June and who plan to continue their studies in mathematics or a related field. Students are encouraged to apply if they have completed at least one year of calculus, at least a 3.5 grade point average in completed mathematics courses, and a 3.3 G.P.A. overall.

Please note that the scholarship awards are competitive. The requirements listed above are minimum eligibility criteria and do not guarantee being selected for an award.

This year, 35 applications were received from students enrolled at 15 colleges across New York State.

Scholarship Winners

For the 2013-14 academic year, there were 10 scholarships awarded:

  1. Kaminski, Kateri (Mohawk Valley) - $1000 - Helen Siner Memorial Scholar
  2. French, Ryan (Corning) - $1000 - John Vadney Past Presidents Award
  3. Bak, Joseph (Borough of Manhattan) - $1000 - Dan Dodway Memorial Scholar
  4. Borromeo, Joseph (Westchester) - $1000
  5. Babich, Alex (Westchester) - $1000
  6. Itskov, Konstantin (Borough of Manhattan) - $400
  7. Giedraitis, Nicolai (Mohawk Valley) - $400
  8. Rodriguez, Gregory (Borough of Manhattan) - $400
  9. Carsten, Benjamin (Onondaga ) - $400
  10. Hrdina, Janet (Corning) - $400
A total of almost $7000 was given out for scholarships at the April 2014 Conference in Owego, NY. Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners!

Please consider donating to the NYSMATYC Scholarship Fund.