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Statement from NYSMATYC President Julie Croteau

Posted 3/13/2020 at 4:30pm

Note: Julie's most recent letter (posted April 19th) can view viewed here

Dear Colleagues,

To align with the health recommendations being put in place across the state, the NYSMATYC Executive Board has made the following decisions:

  • The NYSMATYC Annual Conference for April 17-19,2020 is canceled (but is being rescheduled for Kingston next year on April 16-18, 2021).
  • The NYSMATYC Treasurer will refund any registrations that were already processed.
  • If you made hotel reservations under the NYSMATYC room block, your reservation at the hotel will be canceled and credit card released. If you wish to keep your reservation, please contact the hotel directly.
  • The Math League Competition for this semester will NOT be held.
  • The Scholarship Committee WILL still award student scholarship awards. Student winners will be announced electronically and checks mailed.
  • The Awards Committee WILL still review any nominations submitted. Any award winners will be announced electronically. We will celebrate, in person, any winners at the next conference.
  • Election results WILL be announced after results are confirmed at the upcoming Executive Board meeting.

Special commendations to Jay Hurlburt, President-elect, for all of her hard work preparing what I expect would have been an amazing conference! We hope to use many of her ideas and work to make the next conference our best yet!

Best regards,
Julie Croteau
NYSMATYC President