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NYSMATYC membership comes in four different flavors. Please determine which type of membership is best for you. Please note that if you are retired, and would still like to vote, you need to choose regular membership status.

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: Teachers of mathematics or mathematics related fields employed by a two-year college in the State of New York or any college in the State of New York that traditionally grants at least 50% of its degrees at the associate level shall be eligible for regular membership. Any person who has been a regular member shall always be eligible for regular membership.

ADJUNCT MEMBERSHIP: This class consists of individuals teaching part-time at a 2-year college. Adjunct members are not eligible to vote in elections, but are eligible for a reduced membership rate.

RETIRED FACULTY MEMBERSHIP: A NYSMATYC member who has retired from his/her academic position. This level of membership will be at a rate of $5.00 less, per year, than the dues for a regular membership. (Non-voting.)

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Other individuals interested in the objectives of the Association, but not eligible for regular membership, may be designated associate members. (Non-voting.)