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Remembering Herb Gross

Herb Gross in 2011
Herb Gross presenting at the 2011 NYSMATYC Annual Conference.

We at NYSMATYC are deeply saddened by the passing of one of our organization's founders and great leaders: Herb Gross. In 1967, Herb became the original president of NYSMATYC, the first discipline related two-year college group in the nation. In 1973, after many years of refining and reimagining the role of a mathematics instructor at two-year colleges, he became the first president of AMATYC. Herb was endlessly energetic, a master educator and storyteller, and a tireless advocate for mathematics education.

Herb touched countless lives, and changed the way many of us view our roles as educators. You will be sorely missed, Herb. Rest in peace.

Please take the time to read Ernie Danforth's wonderful memorial of Herb Gross.