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Date:April 8, 2005
TO: NYSMATYC membership
FROM: Sean Simpson
NYSMATYC Curriculum Chair
Assistant Professor Mathematics, Westchester Community College
Re: 2004 - 2005 Curriculum Survey on Statistics courses

Each year, the Curriculum Chair of NYSMATYC is charged with conducting a survey on a topic important to the mathematical education of two year college students. The 2004 - 2005 survey was designed to quantify what is occurring in statistics courses across the state, and identifying problems that are arising.

The survey was distributed to the NYSMATYC campus representatives at 51 two-year college campuses in New York State. The campus representatives were asked to either take the survey themselves, or pass on the survey to a member of the department with extensive knowledge about the statistics course(s) available at their school. The survey responses from 34 of the campuses were linked on a web-based survey through a (nonpublic) link on the NYSMATYC website. The 66.7% response rate was a result of four e-mails being sent to the campus representatives over a 10 week period.

The Curriculum Chair would like to thank Ken Mead publicly for his assistance in creating the webpage for the survey and the file for keeping track of all the information as it came in. His work made the collection of the data a much easier task for the Curriculum Chair.